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CLEAN Power Market Expansion Method

Our mission is to create break-through growth and impact on the clean economy. Our vision is serve cleantech entrepreneurs and executives who are creating a more sustainable future for humanity


Cleantech growth companies play a significant role in decarbonizing the economy and the time for humanity to lean into this growth is now. If you want to accelerate your growth and impact, then the CLEAN Power Market Expansion Method may be for you. CLEAN stands for Capacity assessment, Leverage, Expansion, Action planning, and Next steps. We call it the CLEAN Power Market Expansion Method. It is a unique, structured and flexible approach to helping growth companies realize their full potential that Tim Montague developed over twenty years and two hundred million in sales of working with technology companies that are part of the answer to a future that is safer, healthier and more sustainable.


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Executive Coaching

If you're a growth company already in cleantech or staged to expand into cleantech then you will benefit from Mr. Montague's thirty years of experience combining technology, sustainability and business. His insights, advice and wisdom will serve your strategies, product development and pursuit of new markets to experience breakthrough growth. If you're an entrepreneur, investor or executive who has a company or portfolio of companies (or assets) staged for growth, then Mr. Montague offers you a unique purview into the challenges and opportunities of the clean economy. 


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Cleantech Executive Mastermind Groups

The Cleantech Executive Mastermind is a weekly peer group designed to help you navigate through challenges and opportunities using the collective intelligence of others.


Members are mission driven entrepreneurs and executives dedicated to speeding the clean energy transition (including wind, solar, energy storage, IT/Software, and manufacturing).


Join a like minded group of Cleantech executives and take your business and personal life to new heights.


Book an introductory call with Mr. Montague here to learn more.

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