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Clean Power Hour podcast & website

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Reaching thousands of energy professionals, developers, financiers, asset owners and EPCs
each week with 2 episodes per week! 
319,500 downloads on YouTube and growing!
45,500 downloads per month! 

Tim Montague

Tim Montague, M.S.
Host & Creator

Tim Montague is a solar & storage expert, coach, and consultant with over 30 years of experience in technology, sustainability, and triple bottom line business. As President of the Clean Power Consulting Group and host and creator of the Clean Power Hour podcast, Tim has helped dozens of technology entrepreneurs and businesses grow and create a positive impact on the world.

We’re on a mission to speed the energy transition and create a more sustainable future!  Let’s work together to go net zero and decarbonize the economy.

Growing the clean economy is a 100 trillion dollar opportunity.

Let’s go!


Terawatt Sponsor - 52 wk (SOLD! - exclusive)

  • Four Featured Interviews of sponsored content - shows dedicated to your brand, your solutions and your leaders

  • 30 second spots (pre-post-mid-roll) on 52 weeks of episodes (>100 episodes)

  • Entire back catalog pre-roll
    30 second spots (dynamic content).

  • Live Event product placement on our weekly news roundup with John Weaver of PV Magazine

  • Exclusivity - there is only one Terawatt sponsor per year


Gigawatt Sponsor - 10 wk (3 available)

  • 30 second spots (pre and post roll) on 10 weeks of episodes

  • Two sponsored content interviews and a cameo (15 min segment) on the Thursday live event


Megawatt Sponsor - 5 wk (4 available)

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Kilowatt Sponsor - 1 wk 

  • One sponsored content interview -or- product interview on LIVE News Roundup

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Our listeners include: engineers, project executives, financiers, project managers, and asset owners

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John Weaver, co-host, known as “The Commercial Solar Guy,” has over a decade of experience in selling and developing solar power projects - he knows his stuff! John is a writer for PV Magazine USA, where he reports on solar industry data, equipment, manufacturers, trends, legislation, projects, finance and more.

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Twice weekly episodes:
a one-on-one interview with a clean energy company executive, and one LIVE news roundup featuring co-host John Weaver, journalist for PV Magazine.



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